Customs viewed on this site are designed and created by UnCustomizer CadillacPat.
Everything here can be ordered exactly as it appears or with your own Custom changes in colors and/or graphics.
All of my Customs are AirBrushed Exclusively With House Of Kolor Products,  Of Course!!!!!!!!!!!!
For questions about ordering individual Customs, multiple copies, or something Custom made, contact my Email address.


CadillacPat the UnCustomizer is a one man Custom DieCast Business who for 12 years has been designing and creating Customs and high resolution graphics for Conventions, Movie Premieres, Companies, Events, Car Clubs, Websites, Banquets, Charities and DieCast Collectors.

This ROUTE66CUSTOMS.COM website is published for you who collect Custom DieCast.  It's meant to be an easy to view inventory/catalogue, a sampling of some of the Customs and High Resolution Graphics I design and produce.  The front pages will consist of Custom pictures with details of how I make them and latter pages will include my CadillacPat's Customizing Tutorials so anyone who wishes to can learn to do what I do.
Come in, look around, enjoy the show and feel free to contact me if I can help you with your Customizing or if I can create something special for you, your group, or an event you'll be promoting.   

ROUTE66CUSTOMS.COM is one of my many Custom DieCast brands along with MightyFineCustoms,, CustomOutlaws,, BulletProof Customs, BrickHouse Customs, and the brand new unconventional

First I'll post a few pictures of some of my recent Route 66 Customs.
As an independent artist I use all brands of castings, i.e., some HotWheels,  Jada and MatchBox, but always castings of real cars.
Same as with a real car, each casting undergoes a lengthy and involved process of  Disassembly, Stripping, Filing and Sanding the body of all imperfections, filing and smoothing all wheel wells and window openings, all before Primer is applied. 
Since 2004 when I first came online I have been teaching Customizers that good Body Prep is everything on a Custom.
I'll detail my extensive Body Prep procedures with pics in one of the following pages.

Here's a few pics of my Route 66 Passion Customs.
Passions are very popular with HW Collectors and I make them for a lot of people.
Make sure to look through my following pages to see just how meticulous I am about refining these castings to rid them of all their factory imperfections.
Be sure to notice the inlaid RhineStone HeadLights and in some cases Ruby TailLights.
Several layers of House Of Kolor paint on two and three-tone bodies covered with HOK Urethane Clear and Powdered Pearl Additives.

Below is the ONLY Convention Passion made for and sold at the 2011 Cincinatti Natl's HW Convention, HOK Candy Apple Red over Black.
10 of these sold quickly at the Cincinatti Convention and 20 were held back for my regular Customers and online sales.  I planned originally to only hold back 10 but demand was so strong I held back the 20 of which few remain available.  All who bought the main Candy Apple Red and Black version have options to buy the two Bonus Cincinnati Passions, an Emerald Green Pearl with Orange Flames, and a Turquoise Blue Pearl with Blue/Green/Yellow Flames, completing a uniquely rare Convention Passion Three Car Set.


Some of my Route 66 Customs on Jada castings, Jada Oil Tanker, Divco Cruizer, and Silverado Dualley PickUp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Route 66 Customs TailDraggers and Fat Fender 40 Fords, both Customized with Boneshaker Engines, Polished Bumpers, and Custom Wheels


A very new MatchBox Route 66 HighWay Patrol SWAT VW Camper Vans, and some Route 66 1969 GTO's



This Route66Customs.Com site was just started on June 1, 2011.
I'll be adding more and more content daily, pics and information and my Customizing Tutorials, so come back and visit as it grows.

CadillacPat the UnCustomizer
Not just All Paint but All House Of Kolor Paint,  Of Course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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